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CWA offers many advertising options for wine related, hospitality, gourmet and tourism companies to grow their business by targeting the affluent wine consumer. CWA has very reasonable rates and effective advertising programs for local as well as state wide promotions.  For more information contact:
If you are a winery and need Advertising Information -- Click Here
For hospitality related businesses here are a few of the areas where you can publicize your message:
  • Banner Ads  on the home page, regional pages, winery listing pages, or any combination. Many different size ads are available.
  • Be part of the Drop Down Menu  found on every page, with a thumbnail photograph, your website link, and a 35 word description.
  • Our Regional Wine Tours  are pre-packaged winery tours and can include your business (Restaurant, Inn, Activity, Gourmet Shop) with links to your site.
  • CWA Profiles are full articles found on the home page with photographs and links to bring customers to your business.
  • For more information contact: Rates for a full business listing with photograph, text and website link start at $50 per month before discounts.

Winery Advisor LLC, 1241 Johnson Avenue #230,  San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


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