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Mid-State Fair Bordeaux Wine Flight

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  "Bordeaux" Wine Night at the Marketplace

                  Tuesday July 29, 2008

                        4:00 to 6:00pm

                "Bordeaux" Tasting Flight

     Click on the blue links for winery information 

2005 Niner Wine Estates, Merlot, Paso Robles, Bootjack Ranch                          (Gold Medal, Best of Class)

2005 Indian Valley Vineyards, Nation, Paso Robles

2006 Sculpterra Winery, Statuesque, Paso Robles (Dble Gold, Best of Class)

2005 Ronan Cellars, Cabernet Franc, Templeton

Featured Winemaker: Rich Hartenburger from Midnight Cellars 6 to 7pm

Featured Chef: Tom from Villa Creek Restaurant from 6 to 7pm 

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Tasting Notes:

Merlot - Raspberry, blueberry, black cherry, plum, eucalyptus, bell pepper, nut, chocolate, clove, camel, bay leaf, peppercorn, raisin, bell pepper, green olive, tobacco, and spice. Oak can add vanilla, coconut, smoke and tar. Bottle aging develops truffle, mushroom, earth, coffee, leather, cedar and cigar box. Velvety, soft, and dry.

Malbec - Plum, peppercorn, cherry, nut, tobacco, spice and anise. Oak provides vanilla, smoke and cedar. Aging adds cigar box, musk, mushroom, earth and leather flavors. Full bodied, dry.

Cabernet Franc - Raspberry, cherry, plum, strawberry, olive, blackcurrant, herbal, violet, bell peppers, and smoky. Can develop mushroom, earth, cedar, cigar box flavors. Made medium to full bodied, dry.
Cabernet Sauvignon - Jammy, pepper, spice, berry flavors, black currant, cherry, chocolate, tobacco, nut, cinnamon, coffee, peppercorn, pimento and plum. Can be herbaceous, with asparagus, bell pepper, and green olive. With oak aging can have notes of vanilla, coconut, smoke, and tar. Bottle aging can provide cedar, cigar box, musk, mushroom, earth and leather flavors. Full bodied, dry.
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