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Andretti Winery

4162 Big Ranch Road
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 261-1717

Tasting:   Open daily 10 to 5pm
Tasting fee $15, $19.50 with glass.
  Tours by Appointment
10 or more by appointment
Price Range:   $23 to $67 per bottle
Established:   1996
Vineyards:   49 acres
  30,000 cases

Andretti Winery Description

Don’t expect fast cars or French Champagne at Andretti Winery. After almost 50 years on the track, the famed race-car driver has slowed down some -- but not much! Watch out if he is in residence at the charming Tuscan-style Andretti Winery Villa or tasting room. Mr. Andretti and Joseph E. Antonini, who was President, Chairman and CEO of Kmart (one of Mario's major sponsors), formed Andretti Wine Group (AWG Limited), a publicly traded company, to acquire property and build the Andretti Winery.

The entrance to the Villa lies across a stone-tiled piazza with a central fountain featuring a Renaissance cherub. Rock walls, courtyards and gardens surround the Villa, along with towering pine trees. Enter the cozy, brightly colored tasting room to taste their wide offerings of wine and explore the gift shop, which has an extensive clothing and accessory area. Their floors are of stained concrete, scattered with oriental rugs.

Bob Pepi, a veteran winemaker and grape-grower, makes Andretti’s wines. He was instrumental in developing the “two-hearted-canopy” trellis system that is now used throughout the industry. The winery produces a wide range of California varietal wines including Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot and Chardonnay, as well as some other unique offerings. Try the Napa Valley Zinfandel-Primitivo Blend, the classic Sangiovese or the Pinot Grigio. Also available is a nice Port.

Andretti Winery Features

Ambiance Types of Wine Amenities
Resort Like
Kid Friendly
Off the Beaten Path
Family Run
Country Charm
Casual & Relaxed
Hip & Stylish
Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir
Estate Grown Wines
Tours Available
Event Space
Gift Shop
Write Your Own Winery Review

Andretti Winery Reviews

Staff Knowledge & Friendliness
Amenities, Comfort & Cleanliness
Wine Quality
Overall Impressions
Good wines, interesting gift shop
mikesq, Waltham
Large, attractive tasting room. We were early and it was a quiet day, so we had the room to ourselves. The server was knowledgeable and friendly. Very Overall the wines were pretty good. The Barbera had a nice black cherry flavor with light tannins, the Merlot was fruity.

Staff Knowledge & Friendliness
Amenities, Comfort & Cleanliness
Wine Quality
Overall Impressions
What a great place!
VinoFan, St. Joseph
We had heard some good things about Andretti Winery when some of our friends, so we decided to visit them on our trip to California! We were not disappointed! Even though they were obviously very busy, they greeted us when we came in and had us started on a tasting within just a couple of minutes. The staff were very friendly and seemed happy to answer all of our questions. We tasted some wonderful wines (the Pinot Grigio and Sangiovese were our favorites!) and purchased some to ship home. I would highly recommend anyone to visit Andretti. I know we will be back!

Staff Knowledge & Friendliness
Amenities, Comfort & Cleanliness
Wine Quality
Overall Impressions
Had an awful experience, do not recommend
melika0, Scottsdale
We visited Andretti Winery on a 5 day vacation to Napa in early September 2009. The grounds were pretty which is the only positive thing I can say about this place. To start, they are one of the few wineries that still charges you a tasting fee no matter what you buy. From the moment we walked in the guys in the tasting room we’re friendly like the other wineries. The guy we dealt with wasn’t paying too much attention which should have been our first clue to not buy anything. They were doing a great case sale for $75 for a case plus shipping. We decided to purchase because the price was great. We weren’t very impressed with the wine, but thought we could fill our wine cellar with some inexpensive bottles. The guy gave me a form to fill out along and asked my husband to write our shipping address on another form so he could look up the shipping cost while I completed the order. On my order I marked that they needed to hold the wine until 11/1 to ship as we live in AZ where the temperature was over 115 degrees and the wine would spoil on a UPS truck in that heat. We discussed with the guy in the wine room and he said there was no problem holding the wine until November. We paid and were on our way (the guy never gave us a copy of the invoice or anything). A few days later I get a call from UPS that they have a delivery for us, and it was the Andretti Wine (it was 118 degrees out this day). We had the shipment reversed and called Andretti immediately. They said there were no orders to hold the wine and they were charging us another $35 for shipping on top of the $35 we already paid in shipping. We asked for a copy of the order and they sent us the sheet that the guy had my husband write the shipping address on. There was NOTHING else written on this page, no order, signature, date or anything. It didn’t even have the price of the wine correct, it said $25/bottle next to price. We called Andretti again and were told it would be fine and the wine would ship 11/2. After the rest of the cases we bought in Napa arrived in November we still hadn’t received our Andretti shipment. We called and they first said they had no record of an order from us and would call us back. After days of waiting we called again & were told they found the order (the one my husband put the shipping address on) and would only ship for another $35. Again we were told we’d receive a call back and after 2 days of no response we requested a full refund. We finally just got a refund and they held back our $35 in shipping. So now because of Andretti’s screw up we’ve paid $35 plus our tasting fees with nothing to show for it other than 2 months of hassle and dealing with rude people who can’t even return a call. I would seriously beware of buying wine from them. We purchased cases from over 5 other wineries that had way better wine and had a delightful experience with. I’m not sure why Andretti Winery doesn’t have their act together like the others.

Staff Knowledge & Friendliness
Amenities, Comfort & Cleanliness
Wine Quality
Overall Impressions
Little Italy
WineGuy, San Francisco
Great stop in Napa. Not too far away is this little oasis with the great staff and equally nice wines. Our group went for the Sangiovese and the Pinot Grigio. All good stuff. Great courtyard and places to hang out. Didn't see the boss but I hear he does show up once in awhile.)

Staff Knowledge & Friendliness
Amenities, Comfort & Cleanliness
Wine Quality
Overall Impressions
Rocko, San Jose
Fun place with plenty of wine. We especially liked the Sangiovese and the Pinot Grigio. We bought some gifts there and some wine. The Villa theme resonates throughout. Recommended.

Review Disclaimer

The above reviews are the subjective opinion of Winery Advisor members and not of California Winery Advisor.

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